For the first time in Bursa, a dog regained its health with cell stem treatment

A dog that got sick in Bursa regained his health with stem cell treatment for the first time.

A 5-year-old Labrador dog named Şila in Bursa was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis (itching of unknown cause) 3 years ago. Although the owners applied to many clinics in order to have them treated for a long time, Şila's problem could not be cured. The owners of Şila, who was recommended to be put to sleep as a last resort, applied to the Nilüfer Municipality Animal Care and Treatment Center. Veterinarians working here, Dr. Güney Kaya and Dr. Ayşe Yazıcı decided to apply the stem cell therapy they had been trained in to Şila. During the treatment process, which lasted about one and a half months, the adipose tissue surgically removed from Şila was produced in a laboratory environment for 34 weeks and given back to the dog. Şila responded positively to the treatment and regained her 90 percent health. After the second dose of stem cells, Şila will continue to be controlled at certain periods.

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