Success reaches 80 percent: Stem cell therapy for cats and dogs

Stating that stem cell therapy applied in chronic diseases of cats and dogs shows successful results up to 80%, veterinarian Aylin Tunç said that it is a treatment method without side effects. Tunç said, “Stem cell therapy can be successfully applied for diseases that are common, in which the symptoms are cured, not the disease itself, that both take a long time to be treated and cannot be fully treated, and therefore make the animal dependent on a veterinarian.”

Treatment of diseases such as gum diseases, tissue loss scar formation, acute kidney failure, liver failure, some heart diseases, cornea, spine and tendon injuries in pets includes long and tiring processes. In some cases, while only the symptoms can be regressed, there may not be a complete recovery, which reduces the pet's quality of life. Veterinarian Aylin Tunç said that this can be prevented with stem cell therapy applied after the clinical examination. Tunç said, “Treating the damaged cell and applying stem cells is a combined treatment. Since the stem cell proceeds by following the damage signals to the damaged area, tissue repair is accomplished successfully and has an effect on living a healthy and long life.

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