The First and Only Hybrid Cell and Tissue Center in Turkey: Tissue Banking is Decreasing Dependence on Abroad

Stembio, the new generation biotechnology base, has started its activities in the TÜBITAK MARTEK R& D and Innovation Dec. Stembio Chairman of the Board of Directors Ibrahim Ozsu said that they provide services in the field of stem cell and tissue technologies. “Stembio, which has the distinction of being the first and only hybrid cell and tissue center in Turkey, will reduce dependence on abroad in tissue banking with its high-tech laboratory," Özsu said.

Biotechnology center Stembio Cord Blood Cell and Tissue Center was established to support the introduction of modern health technologies that are developing at the cellular and molecular level to Turkey and the production and diversification of new information in this field. Stembio, which has started its activities in the TUBITAK MARTEK R & D and Innovation Dec, provides services in the fields of cord blood banking, tissue banking and stem cell production and banking, while revealing studies in seven sub-divisions.

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